Fargo, ND tourist travel guide | Dude Dad

Fargo, ND tourist travel guide | Dude Dad

This is a straight forward visitors tourist guide to Fargo, ND.
Whenever my wife and I are traveling back to Fargo to visit family everyone always asks us, “Fargo!? Why would you go to FARGO?” So I decided to make a visitor’s guide to show them!

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Hi! I’m Taylor Calmus, a Los Angeles based actor/comedian. I started Dude Dad™ two weeks before my son Theo was born as way to stay creative while learning to be a father. My wife Heidi and I now have two kids, Theo and Juno and over 140 videos. My purpose for the channel is to entertain, educate and inspire.

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I am originally from the rural community Howard, South Dakota.

Fargo, ND tourist travel guide | Dude Dad

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